Information about the training

In this training package, a training group with a maximum of 8 players is being trained on one court. For this purpose, a coach is available to the group. During the week, the participants are trained in a rotation system of two coaches. The player will spend at least 8 hours of training with the same coach.

The power training is intended for players who want to train even more intensively. Due to the smaller number of players in the group you have even more ball contacts, you will be physically challenged and you can also get more extensive individual feedback during the training and especially in the video analysis. You will be supervised and trained by the same coach during all training sessions.

The following 2 options can be booked for the Power-training option:

Option 1: 1 Court, 1 coach for 6 players *
Option 2: 1 Court, 1 coach for 4 players*

*The number of players is guaranteed with these options. The condition is that at least 4 or 6 players are registered at the same level (playing strength). If this is not the case, you will be informed in good time.

The trainings take place separately in strength classes. You will be encouraged and challenged in your personal level. The following game levels can be chosen at the time of booking:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Game Levels Explanations
Beginner Little to no Beach Volleyball experience
Mixed Hobby Leisure player
Mixed ambitious Tournament level
B3 Lower tournament level
B2 Average tournament level
B1 Good to very good tournament level
A3/A2 High tournament level
A1 Hight tournament level, international level

You train with the official Mikasa VLS300 ball. We provide enough balls. At the registration or at the camp you can buy balls for CHF 60.- or Euro 54.-/ball.